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Mechanical engineering is a professional App which helps people to understand the working mechanisms of machineries.

Learn about mechanical engineering from the comfort of your own home!

Chapter 1. What Is Mechanical Engineering? 10 TIPS FOR NEW ENGINEERING STUDENTS (listen to the audio)
2. Facts About How to Become a Great Mechanical Engineer: Top 5 facts
about how to become a great mechanical engineer (listen to the audio)
Chapter 3. Aerogel, World's Lightest Material
4. Automobile Engineering: Construction and working of a torque
convertor in an automobile | torque convertor a type of fluid coupling
Chapter 5. BioMechanical Engineering
Chapter 6. Brake system: Brake Performance Test OF AN AUTOMOBILE | Brake Service Laws and Regulations WORLD WIDE
Chapter 7. Industrial Bucket Elevators | Vertical Bucket Conveyors | Bucket Elevator Types
Chapter 8. Engineering Metrology
Chapter 9. Classification of Fuels | Types of Fuels
Chapter 10. Forging Process | Types of Forging
Chapter 11. Hydraulics and pneumatics: Reciprocating Pump | Working of Single Acting Reciprocating Pump
Chapter 12. Jet propulsion
Chapter 13. Laser Machining: Thermit Welding Process | Laser Beam Welding Process
Chapter 14. Manufacturing Engineering: Blow Moulding Process | Rotational Moulding Process
Chapter 15. Mechanical Testing
Chapter 16. Solar Energy
Chapter 17. Suspension system
Chapter 18. Thermal: Air-Conditioner | Air-Conditioning System | Window Air Conditioner

Mechanical engineers make a difference!

Published Jun 26, 2017
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