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Learn Korean is a FREE APP for learning the Korean language, learn

korean classes include free lessons with audio, audio dictionary,
phrases and words.
These lessons are all about the best ways to learn Korean.
You can learn to speak Korean on our APP!

Course Details:
Lesson 1: Korean Alphabet (listen to the audio)
Lesson 2: Free Korean Course (listen to the audio) List of Adjectives in Korean
Lesson 3: (listen to the audio) List of Adverbs in Korean
Lesson 4: List of Articles in Korean
Lesson 5: (listen to the audio) Gender in Korean
Lesson 6: List of Nouns in Korean
Lesson 7: Korean Numbers Counting from 1-10 in Korean (listen to the audio) List of Ordinal Numbers in Korean
Lesson 8: Useful phrases for Korean learners (listen to the audio) List of Phrases in Korean
Lesson 9: Korean Plural List of Plurals in Korean
Lesson 10: Prepositions and Postpositions (listen to the audio)
Lesson 11: List of Questions in Korean
Lesson 12: Korean Words (Pronouns) (listen to the audio) List of Pronouns in Korean
Lesson 13: How To Conjugate Korean Verbs In Present Tense (listen to the audio) List of Verbs in Korean
Lesson 14: Korean Grammar in One Minute - 2 Negative Sentences (listen to the audio)
Lesson 15: List of Vocabulary in Korean
Lesson 16: Korean Reading
Lesson 17: Reasons Why The Korean Language Being Difficult Isn't True. 9 Tips for Learning Korean (listen to the audio)
Lesson 18: How to Speak Korean – It’s Easier than You Think

Easy and fun way to teach yourself!
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